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China Heritage Tours

A return visit to China is a valuable opportunity to reconnect children with their homeland and heritage. But the logistics of such a trip can be daunting, and conventional travel agencies often lack experience with the personal and emotional aspects of such a journey.

Fortunately, Gladney can conduct a stress-free and memorable heritage tour for you and your family. A Gladney China Heritage Tour is a customized, culturally-based sightseeing experience uniquely designed for any China adoptive family or group of families interested in visiting their child’s birth city and, where available, Social Welfare Institute and foster family. It is available to all families, regardless of whether your child was adopted through Gladney.

Tours also include opportunities to visit some of China’s most magnificent historical sites. Among the highlights are the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Li River in Guilin, Terra Cotta Soldiers in Xian, Mount Tai in Shandong, and Yellow Mountain in Anhui.

Tours are coordinated by Gongzhan Wu, also known as George Wu in the adoption community. Gongzhan is the Vice President and Managing Director at The Gladney Center for Adoption. He and his experienced staff have successfully facilitated Chinese adoptions for over 15 years.

Gongzhan's respected reputation in the Chinese adoption community, care and dedication to adoptive families, knowledge of Chinese protocol and governmental regulations, and most importantly, his personal contacts in China, give him the unique ability to create customized heritage tours that best meet the needs of adoptive families. Working with an established network of travel professionals in China, Gladney’s staff will create a memorable heritage tour.




Waiting Child Adoption

Many children in China and Taiwan are waiting for parents and families. Gladney has an outstanding waiting child adoption program, which you can learn more about here.

A typical tour includes a visit to your child’s birth city and SWI, plus some of China’s most magnificent historical sites. But the best news is that you can design your tour to have the most meaning for your family or group.