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Allyson & Jessica Macci

Two sisters write about their return visit to China and share photographs from Beijing, Guilin, Nanchang, Nanning, and Yangshuo.

Jia Hong

Jia Hong and her mom, Lori, write about their trip and share their photographs.

Georgia Kahn

Georgia and her mom, Pam, write about returning to Nanning.

Reese Kanter

This is Reese's mom Janis's account of their trip, with family photographs from the journey to Nanchang and Duchang.



Return to Shanghai

Lola Roberts writes about a return trip with her mom to Shanghai and a moving meeting with the kind couple who found her.

Yixing Journal

Sophie Reif's mom Robin describes their return and a startling discovery in "Yixing Journal."

Lilla Trissler

Lilla and her mom, Rose, write about a return trip to Zhangjiagang.