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Allyson Macci writes...

Hong Kong: Our adventure starts in this very city. We stayed in the Harbor Plaza Metropolis Hotel, a very beautiful and favorite of the places at which we stayed. While here, I really enjoyed traveling up to Victoria’s Peak. I loved traveling to the top of the mountain and feeling as though I was on top of the world. Though it was very hazy that day, it could not hide the beauty of Hong Kong and Mainland China below.

Guangzhou: On our last day in Hong Kong we took a train that would bring us to the city of Guangzhou. While there, we visited the White Swan Hotel. It was one of the most magnificent hotels I had ever seen. In the hotel, we took pictures of their indoor waterfall and of “The Red Couch,” with all of the girls seated upon it. Ten years ago, when they were all babies, staying in the White Swan, the parents took pictures of them on “The Red Couch.” To see them all sitting in the same couch ten years later looked so funny because they are much bigger now than when they were babies.

Nanning: After Guangzhou we traveled on to the city where my sister and her friends were born: Nanning, China. My very favorite thing that we did there was visit all of the girls foster mothers in the orphanage where they were raised. It was a very touching and meaningful trip for them and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to do it. Jessica’s foster mother was very sweet and she even gave her a silver bracelet. I think that this meeting meant a lot to the girls and I hope that they will never forget it.

Guilin: From Nanning we moved on to Guilin, one of my favorite places we visited, due to the amazing scenery. We traveled from Fubo Hill, to the Reed Flute Cave, to Elephant Hill, and then stopped at a Pearl Factory. At the Pearl Factory, my sister and I both got beautiful pearls. Mine was a black pearl and Jessica’s was a white pearl. She and Georgia also got gorgeous bracelets with stars and pearls on them, one with black pearls the other with peach colored pearls.

Yangshuo: We than started traveling down the beautiful Li River to our next destination, Yangshuo. We stayed in an amazing hotel where the pool had to be everyone’s favorite. We did many fun activates, but one of my favorites was when we went to a show that was choreographed by the same person who did the introduction to the Beijing Olympics. It was amazing to see what all of the routines were in the show. I also loved going down West Street and buying all sorts of souvenirs.

Beijing: After Yangshuo we took a plane north to Beijing. There, one of my absolute favorite activities we did was going to see a Kung Fu show. It was absolutely amazing. I also enjoyed going to see The Great Wall of China, the Water Cube, and Bird’s Nest. We didn’t enter the Water Cube or Bird’s Nest, but we were able to see them both lit up at night which was fun.

Nanchang: When we finished in Beijing we took a sleeper train to my city, Nanchang. There, we were able to have the same guide as we did when my parents went to adopt me which was really cool. When we went to my orphanage, I was greeted with firecrackers and a giant banner. I was also able to meet and have lunch with the directors of the orphanage. While there, I got to see my “finding place” which was a Police Sub Station. The whole experience was just so much fun and very amazing, I will never forget it.

Shanghai: Our last destination was Shanghai, China. There, we visited many different, but beautiful gardens with gorgeous flowers, bridges, and buildings. I really enjoyed going to the Shanghai Bug Museum. It was so cool to see all of the different bugs and animals that live in either that part of China or China itself.

I really loved going back to China and will never forget the amazing adventures I had there.




Jessica Macci writes...

Hong Kong - We stayed in the Harbor Plaza Metropolis Hotel. It was very fancy with a pool that looked out over the harbor. I liked taking the tram up the mountain to Victoria’s Peak. I loved looking out at the city. We were so high up we were almost in the clouds. It was very humid and misty.

Guangzhou - We took a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. Everybody was excited to go to mainland China. I liked visiting the red sofa at the White Swan Hotel because my mom and dad had showed me a picture of 6 babies sitting on this sofa 10 years ago. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I last sat on that sofa.

Nanning- I was so excited to finally see the city I was born in. We stayed at the Majestic Hotel. We visited the orphanage and met with our foster mothers in a big conference room. My foster mother liked seeing me again and gave me a silver bracelet as a present. It is really special to me. I gave my foster mother a beaded bracelet to remember me.

Guilin - We stayed in the Bravo Hotel. We visited Fubo Hill and saw Mr. and Mrs. Elephant Hills. You had to use your imagination to see them. We also visited the Reed Flute Cave. It was dark, but fun to see the many shapes on the cave walls. We took a boat ride down the Li River and saw the beautiful mountains along the river.

Yangshuo - We stayed at the Paradesa Resort. I liked riding bikes through the countryside of Yangshuo. I really liked meeting the lady at the farm house and seeing the rice paddies which are so different than our garden at home. We took a bamboo river raft ride which was interesting. I really liked shopping for souvenirs on West Street.

Beijing - We stayed in the Jinglun Hotel. I liked climbing the Great Wall of China; I always wanted to climb it. I thought it was flat, but found out it was very steep! I took a picture of my hand on it so I can prove I was there. The Summer Palace was a beautiful place to see.

Nanchang - We stayed at the Grand Gloria Hotel. After a long overnight train ride to Nanchang, we met our guide Guilan. She was the guide 12 years ago when Allyson was a baby. We went to Allyson’s orphanage and we had lunch with the director and assistant director of her orphanage.

Shanghai - We stayed at the Panorama Hotel. Our guide was named Ann; she did not like to stand in the sun. I enjoyed the flowers in the gardens in Suzhou. Went to the Shanghai Insect museum instead of the Science and Technology museum because it was closed on the day we went to visit.

I had a great time in China and I will remember this trip forever.